Saturday 1st June 20:30

Benn Wiebe & QbagYbbxHc

2021 - 1h 25 - 15
Introductory talk by associate producer Benn Wiebe
We are not allowed to publicise this but we can say it's a fantasic, funny satire on mainstream media and politics. Benn Wiebe, who was an associate producer and climate consultant on "Don't Look Up" will deliver an introductory talk on the role of media in impact campaigns.

Benn is a SXSW Grand Jury Prize & UNICEF Prize winning, Oscar Shortlisted, Webby nominated producer. He has been a social impact advisor and producer working across film, games and events, with a mission to bridge gaps between story and policy, and ultimately champion vast perspectives to aid social movement. He is the Head of Partnerships for Neon Picturehouse, and Executive Producer & Vice-Chairman of HF Productions. He serves as an Advisor of Think Film, Global Environment Media, Screen South, SIE Society, and Treun House Atelier. Benn also consults on projects from producing Netflix impact campaigns (“Don't Look Up”, “Breaking Boundaries…), Sony's Picture This, and SDGs in Action with UN DESA as part of the High Level Political Forum.